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Your hair works hard for you all week and it is time to return the favor. However, the truth is, not all of us can make the time to sit in a salon for a keratin treatment or a brazilian blowout. So why not treat your hair right in your shower?

The Renu Hair Mask is a conditioning treatment that provides critical hydration by penetrating the hair shaft and tripling the strength of damaged hair. Featuring CS7, an innovative cuticle smoothing agent that acts as cuticle glue to seal and strengthen each cuticle, this mask prevents split ends and breakage, making hair smooth, shiny and manageable for up to seven days. Yes, you heard it! Shiny and bouncy hair is maintained for 7 days!And if you love coloring your hair, GOOD NEWS! Since it is a deep conditioner, Renu Hair Mask is ideal for chemically treated hair. By smoothing the cuticle, CS7 can prolong the vibrancy of permanently coloured hair.Its key ingredients include:

  • Creatine - improves tensile strength of the cortex.
  • CS7 - smoothes cuticles to provide shine that lasts through repeated shampooing. In the ingredients list, CS7 is listed as Hydrogenated Castor Oil/Sebacic Acid Copolymer.

This is all impressive, but whatever, we’ll just let our hair do the talking: