Curl And Lash Mascara

Curl And Lash Mascara

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We’ve seen hundreds of them: lash-boosting, lengthening, voluminous, curling, hypnotizing, dazzling, cat-eye, lashes-all-you-want mascaras. We’re big fans of mega expression lashes, but most of these mascaras lack the T.L.C. that our lashes really need. So we’re taking the time to talk about the holy grail of healthy mascaras. After all, what are they if the wands don’t have healthy lashes to hold on to?

Enter the Curl and Lash Mascara. A mascara that delivers on length, volume, curl, and lash nourishment.

The fluid comes in jet black, giving your eyes a super expressive look. It comes with a curved wand which works absolutely amazing as it gives you those wide open-eye effect without any clumping.

One thing to note is that this mascara is ultra smudge-proof, but NOT water-proof. We like that part because most ingredients that make mascaras water-proof are mostly harsh to sensitive eyes. It won’t run when you cry or get caught in the rain, but it washes off when you need it to. Just rinse with water and your favorite cleanser, and voila!

But the main thing that caught our hearts is the fact that this mascara keeps your lashes healthier the longer you have it on. It doesn’t have synthetic fibers, and instead, it is filled with all-natural waxes and humectants. The Acacia Senegal Gum in it has softening, soothing, and healing qualities for fragile mucous membranes, AND helps prevent irritation when applying the mascara. It also has hydrolyzed wheat protein which acts as a conditioning agent, making the lashes softer and shinier. How lush!

Curl + volume + length + lash health = WIN!


Applying your mascara is the last step of doing your facial make-up. Open the mascara and rib the end of the applicator to the side to remove excess. Hold your eyes open as wide as possible and gently go over your eye lashes beginning at the root, gently pulling the wand up to the end of your lashes. If you see your lashes are not entirely separated, then gently do this movement again, back and forth to have the best effect.